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Scenery stamping is my real love.  I can travel anywhere I want to on paper.  Sometimes I can almost feel the breeze and hear the birds chatting to each other as they pass.

I will give the company name for images that I know.  Some of my stamps are very old and unmounted.  If I don't put the name under the thumbnail or on the picture, than the image is unknown.  If I find out the company names, I'll update the thumbnails so check back often.

Some of my older unmounteds are clip art and were available from more than one company. 

 Joan Wear is trying to help people find some of these old images.  Visit her web site to find out more.  She also has some excellent scenery in her gallery.  Sign her guest book........... we all love that.

Another great site for scenery is  It's loaded with lighthouse scenes and much more.  After you look through my stuff give yourself a treat and check it out.