Bamboo by OM Studio, Boat by Galactic Graphics, Walkway by Wildlife Enterprise

Dragon from Stamp Oasis, Castle from Fruit Basket Upset

Indian by Embossing Arts

Caveman by Ken Brown, Mammoth and pterodactyl  by Rubberstamps of America ,Dinosaur by All Night Media, mountains by Stampscapes

Couple by Milltown Obsessions, rest by Stampscapes

Indian by Embossing Arts

Gorilla by Wildlife Enterprises

Man from Fruit Basket Upset, rest by Stampscapes

Image by Carda? the rest is fuzzy.

Lion by AfterMidnight

Pirate by Mail Expressions

Tree house by Ornamentum, Man by Galactic Graphics

Parrot Unknown

hippo Stamp Affair
others Stampscapes

Lion-Coronado Island