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I love your site Linda, especially the flip pages...i just sat here for hours mesmerized  ! thanks for all the tips too...I will be investing in more sea shell pads! Your art is lovely ... thank-you for sharing so much of yourself. Rose


I took a journey this morning while I sat in my easy chair and had my morning tea:   
I visited your website and took in your art, which took me in as well. 
When I viewed your ocean scenes, I heard the roar of the ocean, felt the pull of the waves. 
Then I had a beautiful calming walk down a few country lanes, and finally ended in Africa enjoying the quiet and stillness, has I hid in the trees watching the Giraffes what the huts below. 
Thank you Linda for sharing your talent and art.  I feel far more relaxed now then I did before, feel as if I had a mini vacation!  Febe :)
I was just hanging out at your website this morning enjoying your stampscapes. I have admired your work for years now,, these are truly wonderful. 
Linda Yamakido  (aka yama) (among other names that I won't repeat ;)


Really enjoyed checking out your site. What talented people.

Hi Linda~ As a person who's new to stamping,,,,I am in awe!!  You are so talented and if I ever get beyond Stamping 101, I'll feel accomplished :-)  Your site is beautiful; your art work is inspiring; and your willingness to share is truly appreciated.  I just love your Mom's Pergamano--so elegant and simply gorgeous!  I will continue to visit your wonderful website and thank you in advance for all of your contributions!  ~ Rochelle *******************************************************************************

I am new to Stampscapes but have been making other cards for while now. Your site is awsome! 

Great work, very inspiring. I am still trying to figure out the shading for the backgrounds... trying 

to get all the tips and help I can.  I will use your site for inspiration and instruction. 

Thanks!  Sandy W.


Linda, What a talented person you are.  Thanks for sharing with us.  DonnaL :) USA


Hello there! Just want to say that I find your site enough interesting for me. 

Usefull information and all is good arranged. Thank you for your work. I will 

visit your site more ofter from now and I bookmarked it.


Love your site.  Diane Mello


As the others have said, "Beautiful" website, quite unique, love the animation.

 Hope to get past scenic stamping 101. LOL Will be back here over and over, 

thank you for sharing with us. Toni K.


Your work is wonderful. Thank you for all your inspiration!!



Linda, you are so talanted. I heard about you soon after I discovered Stampscapes.

 I feel fortunate that you are so generous with your work, advice and time. 

Thank you so very much.



Hello friends! Really nice place here. I found a lot of interesting stuff all around.


Wow Linda's Mom's pergamano cards are fabulous! Actually this entire site is very 

user friendly..Best Wishes, Therese


This is a wonderful wealth of information. Good Luck!


Love your work, especially Lavender morning.

I am from Ct and saw the technique in RI last week. Trying to find out if the 

two stores in CTn that sell stampscape stamps are still in business. One is 

in Woodbury Ct and the other is in cromwell Ct.

Any info would be appreciated.


Hi everyone! I think your site is very interesting and useful. I always bookmarked it.

Wow, Linda, what a site you have. I still haven't seen everything! Thanks for sharing 

with us.


Wow! I have so much to learn. Thank you for sharing your wonderful art, techniques, 

and links. I will view this site again. Carol

This is a new venue to me- I WILL get started!! Your work is breattaking. 

Thanks for sharing!

Sheila D

I have already looked at your Mother's cards - and they are lovely.

WOW How wonderful that you share your art with us. While I never expect to do as well 

you have inspired me to DO IT. Thanks, Therese

Thank you Linda for being such an inspriation, your art work is awesome.sheila 

Your mother's art is amazing!!!  Funny how I'm not surprised by that  ;) Freckles 

Linda, your site is so dynamic, I love your art, my eye always "leans" toward your album 

in the Stampscapes yahoo group!!. Please keep up the wonderful eye candy, also I have 

learned so much from you, you are a true diamond in the ART World

Hugs from Texas



Your everchanging and evergrowing web site calls to me ... and I love coming and spending 

some time enjoying something new, or some area I had not yet visited. 

Tonight I enjoyed your Mother's Art. I see now where you get your sence of color ... 

thank you for sharing "Mom's Art".:) Febe

I always love web sites that have a techniques page with good instructions. Thank you.

Wonderful art Linda, I totally enjoyed every minute I spent here!! Beautiful, just beautiful!!


You do beautiful work, Linda. I cannot imagine how long it must take to make a scenic picture.

Your computer pictures reminded me immediately of

Chezh(?) glass buttons, exquisite. And your mother's card are just lovely I also 

like how website is set up so conveniently. Blessings~



Awesome art and beautiful artist.

Now we have a awesome beautiful site.

Artist Hugs...Joe

Love your site! Stamper_82

Linda ~ great job with the web site!! It looks wonderful!!! Tyra Smith

ou are so creative. Looks like you painted instead of stamped! Thanks for sharing!

Thank you so much for your instuctions on scene stamping. I've been doing it for

 some time but could never get the coloration I wanted. Now I know how to do it 

correctly. Thanks again. 

Kris :)

P.S. Your mothers Pergamano works are so wonderful. That is something I would 

love to learn too.

 Linda, thanks so much for sharing your art--I love it! I too 

	have laid 

aside my sewing since rubber stamps found me! I will contact you 

	regarding a class.

 Jani P

  • enjoted it much--added you to my favorite list Mary 

  • I thank that you have done such a beautiful job on all of your work. I can't wait to 
    start ordering these stamps!!!! Liz Moran

    Hi Linda, great samples especially in the techniques area. And I really love to know 
    how you made your buttons for the website, love them stamping hugs from Germany Christa 
    aka Stempelmaus

    I love your art work.I really like how you did that Lion scene. Nancy

    Hi again. Thanks so much for previewing my site for me. I came right here to look at yours. 
    I have long been an admirer of yours on StampScapes. In fact, I have incorporated some of your 
    techniques in my own artwork from time-to-time. Linda Adams aka CATlanta

    Raindrops art stamps, did that used to be Raindrops on Roses? Some of those stamps look 
    familiar. I like the stamps they have glad it was on your site~! Please let me know1 Stephanie B.

    Welcome to NEOS, love your artwork! Stephanie Brodersen

    Linda, I am loving your website. It is full of color, ideas, and you have done alot 
    of work since I first checked it out to see if your links were working. 
    Congratulations on doing such a wonderful job and for sharing so much with us. Roberta

    Love your site! Ann Taft (Stamper_82)

    I'm having so much fun, popping in and out, checking everything out. 
    Your site is wonderful.. I'll be back often. Can't wait to see what's next. 
    Thanks for sharing Linda. Pat Anderson/Patscapes

    Hi Linda, Thank you for sharing your art on your new website! I love everything about 
    and will keep checking back often! Mona

    Your website gets better everytime I see it. You are very talented and I can't wait to 
    see more. It all looks lovely! Love, Amy

    It's looking good so far, will check back in a week. Patscapes

    Beautiful Person Beautiful Art Web Site is starting to look great...Joe

    HI LINDA: Your we website is owesome!! you are so telanted,it most come natural for you 
    because it show in your work, they are all so well done and you are great at picking colors. 
    I've only been stamping for a year now and I love it!! I own a scapebook store here in B.C. 
    Can and I have a hard time scrapebooking because I love stamping so much, I feel bad for 
    my customers because I never do any layouts for them, maybe one day? You and Jolene Meyer
     were the first ones that inspired me,I wanted to be like you guys! but I need a few more 
    years behind me. thanks for sharing and touching all our hearts with stamp art. 
    Sandy MacNaughton (Tillys) 

    This is totally awesome, you must feel so proud! What a great site and so much to 
    see & learn. Thank you for sharing, I'll be back often. smiles, Barb Po

    Your art work is so good that is hard to choose the one I like the best, thank you 
    for sharing with us. This site is great.......... Aida

    Linda each time I come to the web site it just gets better and better. Keep up the great
     work, both stamping and computing! You are a inspiration! :) Febe