Click on the small pictures on the left to see the animations.

You can use these in your email by adding them as an attachment or by following these instructions. This works for  Outlook Express.

Start your letter with the address and the subject and click in the body of the letter.

Then click on "Insert" at the top of the page and click on "Picture". A box will pop up that says "Picture Source."  Click the Browse button and locate the "Flip file" that you copied from here. When you find it click  "Open" and then  click "OK."  The picture will show up at the top of your letter.  Now just finish your letter and send it.
The animated flip will show up on the letter.
It makes nice "eye candy" when someone opens their mail.

Different email programs have different buttons to do this. These instructions are for Outlook Express.

If these instructions don't work with your email program , then you'll have to add the picture as a file attachment or check the help file for your mail program to see how to do it.